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I'm Dhruv, a lifetime student who is always learning new skills and a natural geek. In my extra time, I also manage my research project DCS-BBN. I am particularly interested in projects that focus on health and safety, imaging, social impact, and Blockchain. If I can be helpful to you or you would like to meet me, please feel free to get in touch.


Working as Lead Full Stack Developer with Enterprise Architecture team within RBC. Learning Quantum Computing and trying to learn to swim(hobby - 2023)

I like

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Some history

  • I got my first computer at the age of 13, and we installed wifi after that. For the next two years, I learned everything regarding them, like how they work and all and developed an interest in designing my own!

  • At 16, I concluded that I would only work in the computer field and develop what I dreamt about!

  • At 17, I got into SilverOak College for my B.E. in Computer Engineering.

  • After getting into the university, I was just chilling and started watching series and did nothing for the next 2 years!😅 Continuing that, I started visiting events and eventually loved the computer science field and security domain especially. Leading me into blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

  • After getting into blockchain, there was no way back, I found multiple domain experts and tried contacting them to learn, but no one had substantial knowledge of blockchain within my network; this is 2017. I started reading books and research papers and got all the knowledge I could find. Now, this is a really nice time to be, I was the alone who knew what blockchain is, and this was a big deal as I'm still in a tier-3 university. Everyone knew that I worked in blockchain, and I was such hyped that my head of department also called me and said you are doing good, but inside, I knew that I didn't know anything and just using the term as it was in trend, but then everyone thought I knew and with time I also learnt new and new things which profounded my knowledge about it.

  • Due to my interest in the development and geeky nature, I never needed to read or study for the exams as I always put in the story to take any question the algorithm, and then It's my domain; this helped me gain extremely excellent grades in university without even not opening the book. This put me in a bad situation, and until my back was against the wall, I would not bother to work; later, I found that it was really bad, and I learnt the hard way!

  • So the whole day at college is shaped like this, wakeup - be in college by 8, maybe 9 - Bunk the class - Either canteen or library but always with friends - Have some nice food - Leave at 2 - Go home - Sleep - Play or surf the internet - Go out with friends - End of Day!

  • This continued until Jan of 2020 when the plan was clear to appear for GATE(Entrance for Masters) and IIT; oh, I forgot to mention that I used to go (The Gate Academy) for my GATE coaching. I realized this was not gonna happen; I had just bunked most of the classes; hence it was time for a nice conversation with papa. 5 minutes in, I'm planning to give IELTS, which would cost 40L. He was like Okay, whenever you need, let me know! Boom, now when to provide IELTS is a question. I thought and came up with a date 2 days after 😅. Let's give it without any preparation, and if I am clear, that's nice. Else I need to study. My friends were like if you have extra bucks, just give them to us. Why are you wasting, man!! But I continued and took the date of 8th Jan for IELTS on 6th. There was no preparation, nothing and on 14th Jan, the result got 7! This was the minimum, but it should work!! I was like **** it, I got it, but that was just language anyways 😂.

  • I worked on a DCS-BBN project which helped my friends and me pass the classes. We did not even work on this after 2019 but used it for all the presentations, and as the blockchain was new, it was fairly easy to win most people. But I worked on this a bit, developed a working prototype, and published a paper in SPRINGER(The only thing I'm proud of to date). Later, COVID-19 Arrives, and Damm, no more plans are working. And the timing, I have just rejected a 7LPA job as a fresher(I had not told my parents this), and now I'm home with no plans !! SO restarted working on this and found incubators in Delhi to fund the project, and to my luck, they agreed. But without a team, it was a dead runner, so I dropped the plan and started working as a Freelance developer at a company based in the Netherlands working on a government project.

  • I started my master's at Dalhousie University and moved to Canada for further studies, and man o, man, this was difficult!

  • Will write a further story soon 😅

  • Currently, I'm working to make the world more secure and safeguard users' data.

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